"Pic-Obits" - published in February 2011 by (out of print). This is the story of three women: a grandmother, a mother and a grand-daughter who reluctantly have a pivotal conversation around the grandmother's obituary wish.  A Second Look at a Second Chance - Published in June 2011 by (available on Written as part of the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival Flash Fiction contest, “A Second Look at a Second Chance” tells the story of a woman who relocates to Las Vegas following her husband’s death, and who ultimately finds her next steps. This tale did not win the Flash Fiction contest, but it was published in WildflowerMagazine.   If That Kid Doesn’t Stop Screaming - Published in the Henderson Writers’ Group Writers Bloc IV Anthology (available on As an alcoholic prepares to go see his probation officer, he is tormented by a screaming infant next door. The Black Box - Published in the Henderson Writers’ Group Writers Bloc V Anthology (available on The final conversation between a dying man and his wife is recalled. Three Spiritual Mothers - Published online by in their Women’s Anthology (available at    A loving recollection of three women whose impact on each other’s lives and that of a young woman in their circle of church friends sustain them through the years.