Judy Logan is a member of several writers’ groups in Las Vegas, and is an accomplished public speaker, and Masters Level educator. For 25 years, she designed and developed educational curricula for a fortune 500 healthcare system, as well as created and trained a Pre-GED curriculum for a NH school system before relocating to Nevada in 2010.  Now retired, Judy writes from her experience as a wife and mother, a widow, and a former business coordinator for a psychiatry department in a Massachusetts community hospital. Her words come from the heart and accurately depict the horror of domestic violence, as seen in the clinics, and the loss and desperation of widowhood, including abandonment, fear, and hopelessness.  In her novel: Shelter Me – When friendship is all that remains (available at and, Judy juxtaposes the life of a young, battered wife and mother, with that of a recently widowed executive’s wife who must get her first job at age 55 with no job skills. Together, the two women help each other to move forward and to embrace recovery. In Shelter Me, Judy is the Widows' Voice and knows that, “We walk by faith,” because, the light in our world has gone out, and we cannot see our next steps without blindly putting one foot in front of the other.


Grief over the loss of a beloved partner is one of the most painful experiences you can suffer, yet many of us confront that pain at some point. Understanding about the process of loss and grieving is vital to surviving the loss and recovering the joy in life again.  For more information, visit the Widowhood: Help In Coping And Understanding

Spousal Abuse

Domestic violence and spousal/partner abuse is more than physical beatings. It’s the crushing of a spirit, the betrayal when another’s words belie the reality of your existence; the terror of emotional blackmail, financial constraints, threats to harm you, your children or pets; it’s pervasive and insidious; and, it’s not going to change or stop withoutknowledge and intervention. For more information, see the article by tephanie Stowman that provides many definitions and information on domestic violence and spousal abuse at

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